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About Us

Our journey started back in 2015 when the company set the course to provide time-sensitive and secure transportation services to businesses and individuals across the US. We provide real-time tracking and 24-hour updates on shipments in transit. Our unquestioned delivery timeline helps businesses build trust with their customers on products and shipment availability.
We coordinate our freight and logistics services from 309 Main St. Belleville, MI 48111.

At MPL Brokerage LLC we are not just another Logistics provider we’re your trusted partner for all of your truckload and Logistics needs.

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Why Choose Us?

expedite shipping
Expedite shipment

MPL guarantees prompt deliveries both in-state and across the borders all year long. We achieve this by using a team of highly competent and experienced drivers with an efficient routine.

Time-sensitive shipments
Time-sensitive shipments

You can expect deliveries of all your shipments promptly at the allocated delivery point. We use the FTL and LFL freight systems for both the processing and distribution of shipments.

24/7 dispatch available
24/7 dispatch available

We have a team dedicated to answering all pickup delivery-related questions all day long. Our customers can check for delivery details or updates on their shipment at any time of the day.

Satellite tracked equipment
Satellite tracked equipment

We have a team dedicated to answering all pickup delivery-related questions all day long. Our customers can check for delivery details or updates on their shipment at any time of the day.

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Our Services

We offer coast to coast Truckload and Logistics solutions.

Freight Consultation

Freight consultation

Do you have shipments from time to time without knowing what trucking category they fit in? Perhaps you are new to your business and would love to know the best transportation method for your air, sea, or rail shipments?

Welcome! At MPL Brokerage LLC, we offer clear-cut freight consultation services to businesses and individuals looking to have their shipments transported. With the right trucking services from our freight consultation, you could save a ton on transporting your goods the right way. Our team of trucking offers you the most suitable shipment plans to help with frequent batch shipments.

By analyzing the shipment content and delivery schedule, we can determine the most efficient and cost-effective methods for shipping your products. We can help you find the best routes for trucks, plan the entire delivery and even handle the administrative end of the delivery.

Full truck load

A full truckload or as it is commonly referred to in trucking, FTL is consists of one bulk shipment per truck. If you have products to be delivered to a warehouse for storage or further distribution, then you want a full truckload. We offer full truckload services, where the truck is stacked up with just your products to be delivered to your designated location.

While these are other options available, you will find that our full truckload services offer several benefits. MPL Brokerage LLC offers affordable rates for large shipments to enable our clients to save sparingly on their FTL shipments. We guarantee that all FTL shipments stay within the weight limits to avoid shipment damage and potential seizures while en route. Our clients get prompt deliveries on our FTL services since the truck has just one destination; YOURS!

Full Truck Load

Flat bed

We offer flatbed trucking deliveries for shipments that are too large to fit into conventional trucks. You don’t have to miss out on transporting your cargo simply because it is too large, nor do you need to use some unconventional method. MPL Brokerage LLC has a fleet of trucking equipment to help transport shipments of all sizes including large machines and vehicles.

Our flatbed trucking service ensures that all cargo is properly secured before our drivers set out. There is little chance of your items spilling off or getting lost in transition. With our flatbed trucking service, you can be sure to transport large cargo directly to and from your shipping yards. We work with a team of professional flatbed drivers that have years of experience delivering in-state and cross-country flatbed shipments.

Automotive parts and molds

Shipping of automotive parts and molds is often difficult and requires some technicality. Seeing as the parts are usually expensive and difficult to replace, transporting them can be a bit of a challenge. As a manufacturer or supplier, you’d have to move these parts too and from warehouses and they need to arrive intact.

We offer delivery services for automotive parts and molds. Our drivers are experienced and highly skilled in transporting sensitive automotive body cargo. MPL has been in the business of transporting high-value cargo and automotive parts and molds fall into this category. Our service involves on-time delivery to your warehouse with all the parts and molds intact.

Automotive parts and molds

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